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Say hello to ‘Kamper Mail’ (and save BIG!)

Kamper Jobs users get an exclusive discount


First, thank you.

Thank you for using Kamper Jobs and letting us be part of your journey!  We’re excited to announce the launch of Kamper Mail, a modern mail forwarding service for RVers — and offer an exclusive deal to Kamper Jobs subscribers. Scroll down to sign up for Kamper Mail and claim your discount today! 

What is Kamper Mail?

It’s a modern mail forwarding service created for RVers. Unlike other mail services, there are  NO hidden fees. Here’s how it’s different: 

  • NO postage balances required.
  • NO handling fees.
  • NO membership fees.
  • NO extra charge for envelope scanning.
  • PLUS You get 1 FREE USPS Priority Mail envelope every month with real-time tracking notifications. No more guessing and waiting weeks for your mail!

Watch our new Kamper Mail video for more info!  

Your discount codes 🎉

KJOBS100 = $100 off an annual subscription

KJOBSFIVE = $5 off every month for up to 12 months.

Learn more at or email us at