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What is your time worth?

Stop wasting time with spreadsheets and emails. Now, you can manage work camper applications from your Dashboard.

With Premium Access, you’ll get all standard features PLUS access to the resume library, application management tools, exclusive discounts, and more. 

Why Premium?

Whether you’re a big business that needs to hire in volume, or a small operation that just needs the right tools to manage work camper recruitment, Premium Access is what you need.  You can review resumes, manage applications and applicants — all in one place.

What you'll get

Post unlimited jobs

Submit as many jobs as you like, all year long.

Resume Library

Access to the entire resume library. Search for work campers with the right skill set who are looking in your state.

Application Mgmt Tools

Easily manage Applications, score Applicants and track your recruitment progress.

Bulk Uploads

Let us upload jobs your jobs from any structured data file (e.g. CSV, XML) or list of web links.

Updates any time

Update, cancel, or duplicate your jobs any time from the Jobs Dashboard.

Featured Listing

Save 50% on all your featured listings with an annual subscription.



includes all standard features plus...

  • - Resume library
  • - Application Management Tools


SAVE ~60%! Includes all standard features plus...

  • - Resume library
  • - Application Management Tools
  • PLUS ~ 60% OFF Monthly Price
  • PLUS 50% OFF Featured Listings

Why Kamper Jobs?

The Google

We use structured data to integrate with the Google job search experience.  That means your jobs could appear at the top of search results pages like this one.

Make sure candidates find you.

Mobile (like your applicants)

Nearly 70% of work campers will view your job on a mobile device when visiting KamperJobs.com. We prioritize the mobile experience to ensure your listing looks great when they find it.

Upload Jobs in Bulk

Have a lot of jobs to post? Send us your jobs file (RSS, CSV, XML) and we’ll upload them for FREE. And if you have a different file format, no worries, we can probably work with it!

Questions? Hello@kamperjobs.com

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