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dog in camping chair waggle review

Using a pet temperature monitor in your RV

If you RV with pets you know it isn’t always ideal or even possible to take them everywhere with you. On the other hand, sometimes it can also be too…
How to use Amazon Hub Locker

How to use an Amazon Locker

PHOTO CREDIT:   You’ve probably seen them at gas stations all along America’s highways: the Amazon Hub Locker. These lockers are an RVer’s best friend, giving travelers a secure…
getting mail on the road

How to get mail on the road

Yes, it’s 2021, but you still need to worry about your mail. Let’s face it, you’ll never stop getting paper mail from the IRS — and that aunt in Florida.…
add kamper jobs to your phone app

How to add KJ to your home screen

Depending on your phone and/or browser of choice, you can probably add KJ to your phone’s home screen so that it’s available like an app. (By the way, we don’t…
find work campers search resumes 2

New resumé search filters available

In this latest release, you can now search for work campers by availability, work type, team size, state, and even a particular set of skills. Premium Employers can now use…

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