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How to Create a Resume Alert

When you’re a Premium Employer on, you can build Resume Alerts.

First, log into your Kamper Jobs account. You’ll need to be a paid subscriber of Premium access to use Resume Alerts, so make sure you’re signed up first in order to use this feature. (Pro tip: Post your job(s) first so that you can send the links to any candidates who you’d like to invite to apply.) If you’d rather watch a video demonstration, click here or scroll to the bottom of this post.

Next, build your first alert. Follow these steps:

  1. Under the “Employers” menu, click “Resume Alerts” or navigate to the Resume Alerts page.
  2. Click “Add Alert” in the bottom left corner like the screenshot below.

Resume Alert Fields & Filters:

  • Alert Name: Exactly what it sounds like. This will also be part of the subject line (e.g Resume Alert Results Matching “Housekeeping”)
  • Keyword: Any term that you want to appear in the resume. We recommend not using this feature unless you definitely require a specific keyword because it could narrow your results too much.
  • Categories: Similar to your job listing, these are categories of work, like “Maintenance”, or “Housekeeping”.
  • Email Frequency: This one is important. This is how often you’ll receive your email alerts. The options are Daily, Weekly, Fortnightly, or Monthly. If you don’t want to receive emails, just leave the Alert ‘disabled‘. To stop receiving emails, disable the alert.


Alert Controls:

Hovering over an alert will give you options to….

  • Delete: Delete it completely!
  • Disable or enable the alert: Disabling the alert will stop the emails. Enabling the alert will resume them.
  • Results: Get a quick view of the results whenever you like.
  • Send Now: Email yourself the results.
  • Edit: Update your filters anytime!

Lastly, you should know that Job Alerts will default to running for 90 days before you need to enable them again. For example, if you choose ‘daily’ then you’ll receive an email every time your filter has matching jobs — for a 90-day period. You can easily re-enable the alert after 90 days if you still want to receive them.

If you have any questions, please contact us at and we’ll be happy to help!