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How to find work camping jobs in state parks

Finding work camping jobs in state parks is not always easy.  That’s why Kamper Jobs has officially launched our state park initiative to scour and post state park volunteer listings that offer RV hook-ups. Now, you can find state park job listings alongside the hundreds of listings that are available currently — and we’re kicking things off with dedicated pages for Florida, Oregon, and Texas. Rest assured, these jobs will always be in the primary feed of the latest listings, but you can find them in the consolidated state park page, as well. (We’ll be launching a dedicated page for Colorado soon!)


Why State Parks?

State park volunteer positions that offer RV hook-ups are amazing opportunities to stay in beautiful locations and feel good about giving back. Unfortunately, each state park system manages their own volunteer listings separately from one another, which means filters, job titles, and usability are all wildly different.  Now, you can easily find these volunteer opportunities that offer RV hook-ups and have all the relevant details at the top of the page!  (Nice, huh?)


Four ways to find state park opportunities

Here are four easy ways to keep your eyes peeled for new volunteer postings in state parks:

  1. Dedicated state pages: As mentioned, the first states to have dedicated pages are Florida, Oregon, and Texas.  Colorado is coming soon. As we add more pages, you’ll be able to find them on the state list  here.
  2. Bookmark the State Parks page: All state park listings are tagged, which  means you’ll be able to peruse the full list on the “State Parks” page.
  3. Create a job alert: Create a job alert and include the “State Park” tag. If you’re new to job alerts, you can watch a how-to video here.
  4. Subscribe to the weekly newsletter: Going forward any new state park positions will be included in the weekly newsletter. Subscribe today!


That’s it! Want to see a specific state get listed next? Let us know!