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Campground Host

McDowell County

Job category:
Camp Host
Compensation: RV Site Only
Hookups: Unknown - Inquire
Wi-Fi: Unknown
Pets OK?: Yes

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Job Description

The Campground Host program is volunteer-based and designed to help campers. You will need to
answer questions, provide directions to local amenities, and inform campers of rules and hours of that
specific campground.

Minimum Requirements

• Be willing to learn about operations and general information on Black Bear Site in order to
provide accurate information to visitors.
• Be 21 or over, have an RV, and be willing to make a commitment of 1 month.
• Camp host volunteer(s) are scheduled to work 5 days a week with flexible hours but should be on
site on weekends and holidays. Preferred days away from the park, if needed, would be Mondays,
Tuesdays, or Wednesdays.
• Follow and comply with ALL North Carolina State Park rules and regulations to include but are not
limited to: alcoholic beverages are prohibited; firearms are prohibited; and dogs must remain on
leash at all times. Failure to comply may result in termination at any point of your stay.
• Wear a volunteer name tag provided by McDowell County Parks and Recreation
and sign a volunteer agreement.
• Maintain accurate volunteer service sheets on daily activities and hours worked.

Duties and Responsibilities

• Host will be a person of contact for park and local information to visitors and campers.
• Host will open and close gates at specific designated times based on the season. Host will be
available to unlock park gates for campers to exit any time after the gate is locked.
• Host will provide information on campground rules and guidelines to help provide a safe and clean
environment for all visitors.
• Host will answer questions about Black Bear, Lake James, the campground, local amenities and
services, trails, area recreational opportunities and park regulations.
• Host will contact appropriate park staff to answer unique/difficult questions and to address issues,
complaints, and hazards via two-way radio or telephone.
• Host will serve as a contact between park rangers and the campground.

• Hosts report incidents, suspicious behavior, and situations that need to be addressed.
• Hosts do not take actions to enforce laws, regulations and policies, such as detaining or arresting
suspects that could endanger themselves or visitors.
• Hosts help with other duties that may arise that benefit the park or visitors.
• Host may be asked to perform light maintenance.
• Hosts may be called upon to assist with operations such as evacuations due to flooding, hurricanes,
or winter weather.
• Hosts may be required to sell firewood from the host site to include loading and unloading firewood
bundles, collecting money from cash only transactions, and providing receipts.
• If park vehicles are not available, hosts may be required to utilize a personal vehicle to complete
some duties.
• Host will stay on the host campsite free of charge for one month. Hosts will not receive any type of
payment or service exchange for their time as a host. Hosts may have overnight guests but will not
exceed the parking or occupancy limits.
• Operation of park vehicles is for park use only. Transporting children and pets is strictly forbidden.

• Pets will be restricted to domestic cats/dogs or service animals.
• Selling of any personal commerce will not be allowed.
• The length of stay as a host will be limited to 1 month at Black Bear per calendar year.
• Hosts will not be allowed to subcontract their host month to any other individuals and will accept
responsibility for all individuals on host site during their month of service.
• Host will check in on the first day of their month at 4 p.m. and check out before 3 p.m. on the first
day of the following month, unless otherwise agreed upon with host coordinator.
• Submitting this application does not guarantee the applicant a host position or guarantee the
applicant will be offered the month you have requested.
• Service as a camp host does not guarantee future hosting opportunities. You must apply each
calendar year.

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To apply for this job please visit

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