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Using a pet temperature monitor in your RV

If you RV with pets you know it isn’t always ideal or even possible to take them everywhere with you. On the other hand, sometimes it can also be too hard to leave them behind. We worry about our furry companions. Will it be too hot, what if the air conditioner goes out? What if the power goes is out!?  Or maybe it’s winter and you are camped out at your favorite snow-capped escape and ready to hit the slopes when that worry kicks in. What if the heater fails or propane runs out? No one wants to thaw out Encino Pup (you know the reference, don’t lie).

Luckily, you can breathe a little easier and buy a temperature monitor that can relay information to your cell phone while you are out. There are several options I am sure but let me give you the basics of what most of them do:

You plug it into an available outlet in your RV (or home – some can even be used in your car), download an app, set it up/activate it, and set your notification preferences. These devices are relatively straightforward and easy to use although some of them have some fancy features as well. You can stay informed about things like humidity readings, loss of power, or even location. You know, just in case your feline felon or canine criminal decide to go for a joy ride in your Winnebago.

I know that was a simplistic and general explanation so I will go into some more detail about one company and their product. Why just the one device no one asked? No, not because they paid me, it is because this is the device I own, and I love it. No paid endorsement is needed; this one is on the house.



The pet monitor I own is from Waggle, formerly known as the Nimble Pet Monitor. At some point, Nimble acquired Waggle Ventures Inc., hence the name change.

First, the great thing is no Wi-Fi is needed! The Waggle RV Pet Temperature Monitor works by using built-in Verizon 4G cellular data. Therefore, activation is required but the set-up is minimal and most of what you need to do involves downloading an app (which is available for both Android and iOS) and connect it to your monitor. Once you are all set up you can set your preference for who gets alerted, how they get alerted, and what events trigger an alert. Other features include:

  • Real-Time Updates for Temperature & Humidity: Check-ins every 15 minutes.
  • RV Power Loss Alert: Waggle alerts you instantly if your RV loses power.
  • GPS Tracking: Available with their Pet Monitor 4G and not included with the Pet Monitor 4G Lite
  • Rechargeable Battery: Even if you do get the alert that the power went out, the monitor will continue to work on the rechargeable battery.
  • Set Up Additional Text/Email Alerts: You can get alerts directly through the app, but you can also set up extra alerts through text messages and email. It’s a nice option to have if there’s someone you want to be alerted, but who does not have the app or the service.

Whatever brand or device you get, the main benefit will remain the same – peace of mind. For their safety and your mental health, I can’t recommend these brilliant little devices enough. Knowing your pets aren’t either freezing or overheating while you are away, in my opinion, is priceless. Additional features are icing on the cake and who doesn’t like icing — or cake?