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Amazon CamperForce 2022

Amazon CamperForce is back, and with the new year also comes new seasonal opportunities! According to the very informative text I received from Amazon, “CamperForce 2022 will now consist of a Summer Season and a Holiday Season.” Looks like the Summer season is available now and Fall opportunities will be coming soon.

Before I break down the specifics, allow me to explain what Amazon CamperForce is for any new visitors to the site and/or newly liberated travelers. It’s simple, Amazon is providing both full-time and part-time seasonal jobs at their warehouses around the United States for RVers and will even help pay the cost of your campground site. There is even the potential to convert to a permanent position if that is something you are interested in. You’ll want to keep in mind this is warehouse work. You will have to lift, bend, and most likely be on your feet for hours. Look at the job description(s), video, and FAQs when you go to apply, and make sure you know what you are signing up for and if it is a good fit for you.

Now let’s get into the details!


Hourly pay is up to $19.55 per hour for their currently listed Summer openings, but it may depend on the location. For the Summer season, according to their site, they have full-time openings that will either be 8 or 12 weeks in duration still available for the following locations:

  • Albany, NY
  • Portland, OR
  • Harrisburg, PA
  • St Louis, MO


You must reside in an RV as well as in a campground for the duration of the assignment. Amazon has a courtesy list of campgrounds on their CamperForce page, but it’s just to help get you started and not an endorsement or recommendation. That’s the nice part, there is not a requirement to stay at a certain place, you can pick the RV park or campground of your choice near your assigned location, and they pay you $120.00 additional weekly included in your paycheck. I mentioned this last year, but again worth mentioning the advantage for couples traveling together. If both people are hired, they will have an easier time paying for a site by doubling that amount, each getting that $120.00 weekly toward the same site. For the lone wolf, the extra money each week plus hourly pay still isn’t a bad deal if you ask me.

Assignment Completion Bonus

Drink some extra coffee, listen to the Rocky soundtrack, do what you have to, and get through the whole assignment because if you make it to the end, Amazon will pay you an “Assignment Completion Bonus”. You will get fifty cents for each regular hour worked and one dollar for each overtime hour worked after the assignment ends. Extra money for something you were doing for money already, why not right?

If you think this may be an opportunity you are interested in, look at the Amazon CamperForce site for more information. Positions usually get filled fast, so keep an eye on their page for openings and sign up for their text alerts to give yourself a better chance.