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How to get mail on the road

Yes, it’s 2023, but you still need to worry about your mail. Let’s face it, you’ll never stop getting paper mail from the IRS — and that aunt in Florida. With that in mind, it’s better to plan your mail situation before hitting that open road.  Choosing a mail solution is not as easy as it might seem. One must consider their lifestyle (e.g. full time vs seasonal), in addition… Read More »How to get mail on the road

How to Reset Your Kamper Jobs Password

  This article will walk you through resetting your password for Let’s get started!   Go to: Enter your username or email address (we recommend email address, if possible, to avoid any potential typos in your username) Click the “Get New Password” button The email will arrive in your inbox within 5-10 minutes. The subject line is, “[Kamper Jobs] Password Reset” and it will come from Please… Read More »How to Reset Your Kamper Jobs Password

Road Recipe: White bean and Spinach Soup

It’s Road Recipe time again and this month, in partnership with we are bringing you a hearty, healthy white bean and spinach soup. This quick to make soup is based around fridge stable veggies and pantry staples and it freezes and reheats like the first time you made it. We love this quick and easy riff on a Tuscan White Bean Soup because it makes about three servings for… Read More »Road Recipe: White bean and Spinach Soup

Vista Recreation opens ’23 application

Vista Recreation announced the opening of their 2023 application! If you’re not familiar with Vista Recreation, then this post will take you through the key points.   What is Vista Recreation? Formerly known as RRM, CLM, and RRM-CLM Services, they are a private company that “partners with various public agencies at the federal, state, and local levels to operate campgrounds and recreation areas under long-term concession agreements”. This week they announced… Read More »Vista Recreation opens ’23 application

UPDATE: It’s here. Starlink for RVs.

UPDATE: October 28, 2022 Starlink is now available for in-motion use! According to their announcement, you won’t have to stop to connect anymore. Instead, you’ll be able to “stream movies, play games, and make video calls all while moving towards your next adventure”. Starlink is referring to this update as “Flat High Performance Starlink” and says orders can be placed immediately. The product boasts a “wide field of view and… Read More »UPDATE: It’s here. Starlink for RVs.

Road Recipe: Three Bean Chili

We know that being on the road and working on the road brings rewards and challenges. Sometimes finding ideas for meals or finding meals practical to cook in an RV, van or travel trailer can be a chore or a challenge. We have partnered with to bring you a recipe of the month that we hope will inspire you, help you and get you cooking fun, quality food on… Read More »Road Recipe: Three Bean Chili

How to Winterize your RV

Now that Fall has officially begun, we know those cold temperatures are right around the corner! If you are storing your RV for the winter, it is time to start thinking about what you will need to do to protect it, and your wallet, from the damage freezing temperatures can cause to your RV plumbing. Here are some steps using Marine/RV antifreeze to protect your pipes this winter!   1.… Read More »How to Winterize your RV

Create content? Let’s talk!

Kamper Jobs is looking to collaborate with content creators. Whether you’re a YouTuber, writer, event organizer, or some other kind of awesome — we’d love to hear from you! Here’s a bit more about what we’re looking for:   Topics: Naturally, the content should be about some aspect of RV Life, but we are open to a broad range of topics. Whether you organize niche events for RVers, or have… Read More »Create content? Let’s talk!

Camp Carpe Diem 2022

Seize the day and connect with fellow nomads this October in Brevard, NC.   Camp Carpe Diem is back! The event is scheduled for October 20 – 23, 2022 in the Asheville/Brevard, NC area (AKA “the land of waterfalls”), and we are excited! We love the welcoming spirit of this event because it embraces how RV life is full of surprises – and encourages attendees to try new things while… Read More »Camp Carpe Diem 2022