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How to post a work camping job

Posting a work camping job for the first time can be surprisingly difficult! It may seem very straightforward, but some employers find that they have several questions along the way.

While it’s always up to the employer to determine what makes sense for their business, this post will help you think through what details you may want to include in your job listing. Also, be sure to scroll to the bottom of this post, if you’d like to copy/paste some a bullet-point template. Let’s dive in!

Here are some key points when you build your listing:

Consider this…


What is the title of the position you’re hiring for? (e.g. Camp Host) If you’re unsure, you can use “Work Camper”, but be sure to select a category (e.g. Maintenance), and describe the job duties in detail. Kamper Jobs recommends employers post a separate listing for each job, if possible, to better target your recruitment efforts and manage applications.



What season(s) are you hiring for? (e.g. Spring, Summer). If possible, include a start date for the position and include as much detail as possible about how long you need them to work. Here’s an example of how that might look for a campground hiring only for the summer, “We’ need a work camper for the summer season from May 15 – September 15. Start date can be anytime after May 10, but you would need to depart before September 30th, when the park closes for the winter.”



How will the work camper(s) be compensated? Options include:

  • RV Site Only: The work camper will receive a FREE RV site, but no financial compensation.
  • RV Site + Wages: The work camper will receive a FREE RV site AND financial compensation, such as an hourly wage.
  • Other: If your compensation model is not one of the above, be sure to include a few sentences describing the package. For example, we ask employers to describe the hourly rate, number of hours, whether the RV site is free or deducted from pay, whether utilities are billed, any stipends, etc. The more detail you provide the better, as it will help set expectations for candidates and save you time when fielding questions.


What kind of hook-ups does the RV site have? Options include:

  • Full (FHU): Water, sewer, electricity
  • Partial: Some combinations of water, sewer, and/or electricity, but NOT all three.
  • None: There are no hook-ups available. Work campers will be “dry” camping.
  • Other: Describe the available services in detail. “Other” options may mean there are no traditional hookups, but perhaps water is hauled to the site with periodic blank tank pump outs, etc.



Location matters!  You’ll enter a city/state when you post your job on, but you can also include the street address. This might help work campers determine if they’ll have access to local resources (e.g. grocery store), and whether their RV can make the journey safely (dirt road vs paved road, etc).



Most work camping jobs that only provide an RV site are part-time. However, if you’re hiring a “couple”, or work camping duo, be sure to specify how many hours are required per person. Generally, the job types are defined as follows:

  • Full-time = 30+ hrs/week
  • Part-Time = Less than 30 Hours/week
  • Other = Describe the schedule in detail. This might be “40hrs/week June-August, 20hrs/week  September-November”.



What kind of work will the candidate be performing? You can choose multiple categories, such as “Camp Host”, “Maintenance”, “Retail” and more.



If you need to hire a “couple” (duo), be sure to note it in the job description. Likewise, if you’re open to having only one work camper staff the position (“single” or solo), then be sure to include that, too. This helps the Kamper Jobs team tag your job with the appropriate labels!



What kind of perks do you offer? Consider describing what your business offers that might set you apart from other employers. For example: high-speed Wi-Fi, free laundry, end-of-season bonuses, camp store discounts, free activity passes, etc.


That’s it! You’re off to a great start. Now, copy and paste this template sections below to help you write your job description, and post it when you’re ready!


Work Camping Job Template