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How to use an Amazon Locker



You’ve probably seen them at gas stations all along America’s highways: the Amazon Hub Locker. These lockers are an RVer’s best friend, giving travelers a secure and convenient way to receive Amazon packages without a residential address or mailbox. Let’s get started!


How to choose an Amazon Locker as a shipping address

When you’re checking out on, you’ll be able to select a shipping address. On the “Review Your Order” screen, beside the “Shipping Address” column, click the “Change” link.


On the pop up screen, there is a section on the right side titled, “Ship to an Amazon Pickup location“. Enter your location (or destination) zip code to find the nearest available lockers. Click the “Find a Pickup Location” button.

Amazon will show you a screen of the nearest lockers. Click the “Ship to this address” button beside the locker location that works best for you. You’ll then be taken back to the “Review Your Order” screen where you’ll now see the chosen Locker as your shipping address. Hurray!


How to pick up a package from an Amazon Locker

When your order arrives, the delivery person will place them in the locker, where they’ll wait for up to three days. You’ll need to pick up your stuff within three calendar days or else Amazon will take it back. Don’t worry, their website says they’ll give you a refund, but it’s always a good idea to grab it as soon as you can. Here’s how you do that:

  1. Get yourself to the locker! This is obvious, but since all the lockers look very similar, you should double-check the exact locker name and address before heading out.
  2. Get the code(s). Look through your emails and/or notifications to get the 6-digit pickup code and/or barcode that came with the delivery confirmation email. The boxes we’ve seen all accept the barcode or pickup code, but if your box is different, check out this Amazon help article.
  3. Use your code(s). On the Locker’s touch-screen display, you can scan the barcode or enter the 6-digit pickup code like the photo below.


4. Watch for the locker door automatically opening! If you have multiple items in the same box, don’t worry, the lockers will open one at a time. In other words, you’ll retrieve one package, then tap the screen for the next package, and so on.

Super easy, right? Better still, if you have multiple orders at the same locker, we’ve noticed that you only need one barcode to open all the lockers without having to fumble through your phone.

Hopefully, this article has been helpful. As any RVer knows, when something is easy and convenient on the road, it makes the journey all the sweeter.