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Traveling solo? Find Work Camping Jobs for ‘Singles’

Work camping is a quirky industry that lies somewhere between volunteering and a traditional job. One of those quirks is that jobs are often seeking “couples”, outlining how hours and duties could be split between two individuals.

As a result, we get questions from solo, or “single”, work campers who are looking for jobs that don’t require a traveling partnerWe’re here to help our solo/single work camping friends, but let’s first look at why the industry even distinguishes between the ‘duos’ and the ‘unos’.

Why do work camping jobs often post for ‘couples’?

There is no hard data about how this trend came about, but I would guess there are two possible factors:

  1. Campgrounds potentially get more work and/or staff coverage from two people: This concept makes the most sense to me if we consider the camp owner/manager’s view. If one work camper gets a stomach virus, for example, the other could work the hours instead. Or, if you have two people working “part-time”, then that’s the same as full-time person plus the “backup” coverage.
  2. Retiree couples may have been the target audience historically: Although I have only been full-time RV’ing for a couple of years, I get the sense that work camper demographics may be changing. In decades past, it might have been that retirees were the majority of work campers, whereas now there are more people who can travel full-time due to technology. This technology shift means work campers may come from a wider variety of lifestyles — and possibly less likely to be part of a pair.

With that in mind, work camping jobs for ‘solos’ may seem hard to find with so many employers posting for ‘couples’. But, we are here to help…

How to find jobs for solo or “single” RV’ers

We tag jobs that welcome lone travelers so that they’re easier to find. To be clear, any work camping job could potentially welcome solo folks and you can always inquire with the employer! This tag is only meant to highlight those jobs explicitly mention they welcome single/solo work campers. Here are two ways to find these jobs:

  1. Bookmark this page: We created a dedicated page for these jobs, and you can easily book mark it so that you’re always on top of the latest posts.
  2. Create a custom Job Alert: Create a job alert so that you’re notified every time these kinds of jobs are posted.
  3. Click the “Single/Solo” tab when you search: On the Job Search page, click the tag and the results will be filtered down for these jobs.  Here’s a screenshot:


(Pro tip: Create a work camping resume so that you’re ready when a new opportunity pops up in your job alerts.)

That’s it! You’re on your way to finding an awesome work camping job. We hope this has been helpful and if there’s anything we can improve, please let us know. Now, this: